About Me

Anyone who knows me would say I am a very passionate person who holds her friends and family very dear. I love socialising and am very fortunate to have a great circle of people around me!

I have three main passions; Fitness, Fashion and Food:

Fitness: I am a very active person and absolutely love all sports….however I don’t claim to be an expert at any! In particular I enjoy visiting my local gym, being a regular attendee at various classes including body pump, combat and rpm. I am also a keen runner and love long walks with my gorgeous miniature Yorkie pup Bonnie!

Fashion: I absolutely love fashion and like most women I am a bit of a shopaholic. What I wear is an extension of my personality; I believe that fashion is not about always following catwalk trends but about picking clothes that suit your body shape and make you feel good.

Food: Socialising involving good food and wine is probably what I look forward to most week in week out! Whether cooking myself or eating out I am a big admirer of supporting and using local produce and cooking with seasonal ingredients. I am a big fan of fine wines however am still a bit of a novice….but am very much enjoying the learning process!