The Apprentice Experience

The Apprentice experience has been fantastic from start to finish. From the tough selection process involving 40,000 applicants to competing against the final 16 candidates I have grown in both confidence and ability.

“For me The Apprentice was always meant to be a journey of discovery both on a personal and business level and it certainly delivered. Whilst it is a television programme all the hard work and tough decisions required under immense pressure and time constraints are very real indeed, providing the most intense business boot camp imaginable!”

I have developed so many skills including product design and selection, branding and marketing campaigns, sales and pricing strategies, cost control and project management.

Before The Apprentice I was very much headed down a career in financial services without giving myself the opportunity to really explore other career alternatives. I feel truly blessed to have been given the chance to show that I have so much more to offer than purely my numerical skills and financial background.

I have learnt that you are capable of achieving what ever you set your mind to. Put under immense pressure and tasked to achieve the near-impossible leaves you feeling exhilarated and proud when you see just what you can do when you get your head down and work hard with a belief and passion to succeed.

Series Highlights:
There are many personal highlights from my 10 week Apprentice journey however my ultimate highlight has to be breaking the all time Apprentice sales record in week 4 ! Whilst I led the Baby glow pitches bringing in a whopping £119,000 sales I can’t take full credit as I had a great PM and team supporting me and a fantastic innovative product.

Project Managing and winning the fashion task was also great as I felt right at home identifying key trends and best-selling lines. Product selection and strong sales were the essential to winning this task.

The week 9 Crisp task in Hamburg, where again I led the most successful pitch delivering c.£14,000 of sales; this was particularly rewarding as we were selling to an overseas market.

Finally the sausage task, the first task and indeed the first taste of the Apprentice roller coaster. Not only did we win the task but getting a special mention in the boardroom for being ‘hot on the figures’ was a huge compliment and confidence boost.

Key Strengths:

Sales ability: I was the top sales person throughout the series excelling whether pitching to large clients or at a street sales level. My key strength was the ability to build relationships of trust in a short space of time.

Product Selection: Ability to identify key trends and selecting and understanding the target market.

Project Management: Gaining the respect of my colleagues and delivering a clear strategy to ensure efficient execution. Adopted a professional and flexible approach throughout and remained calm and level-headed under pressure.

Figures: Being at ease when dealing with the figures and importantly understanding how to make a venture profitable.

“Never underestimate your capabilities; provided you are open-minded, ambitious, willing to learn and determined to succeed you can achieve extraordinary things! Stay true to yourself and be proud of your achievements.”