My C.V.

  • A natural leader who recognises that respecting and utilising team members strengths enables the group to push the boundaries and achieve results that surpass expectations.
  • A team player with strong interpersonal skills combined with a proven record of success.
  • A positive person who inspires those around her and importantly gets the job done!

Graduated from Birmingham University with a 1st Class Honours BSc Accounting and Finance degree having been awarded year prizes throughout. With an unconditional offer of employment I joined UBS Investment Bank in London. As a High Yield Bond sales woman (CF30 Approved) trading various products with clients required decisiveness, forward thinking and confidence. The job was high pressure and required intricate data and market analysis coupled with the ability to identify opportunities and the initiative to make things happen. Success depended upon the strong relationships of trust developed both within my team and with clients.

Deutsche Bank opened a new Private Wealth Management Office in Birmingham and offered me the opportunity to become involved in both a more intimate approach to financial services but also a business development and growth exercise. I joined the Bank with a fresh and ambitious approach to explore new ventures and opportunities previously overlooked. Whilst in a client facing investment advisor role I also acted as a leader in terms of inspiring those around me to be both more resourceful and confident in their ideas.
Personal achievements included co-ordinating nationwide team communication, developing more efficient data sharing with clients and setting up a sports and media division.

Alongside my career in banking I also project managed and co-invested in the renovation of a Victorian Property. This was my opportunity to explore my creative side and lead a profitable business venture. The project provided invaluable hands-on experience and involved developing plans and budgets, the co-ordination and communication with various sets of workmen and suppliers, both layout and interior design and the final marketing of the property. The project was a success delivering a 15% return in a very tough housing market.